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Hello there!  I am not satisfied with our social worker, and I want to change.  I think it is far from benevolence and kindness.  Most of the time, when asking for something by e-mail, how do you not even answer my question.  Do I have the right to request replacement?  What should I do?  Thanks!
asked May 14 in Other Questions by Erk

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Dear @Erk, Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees Community. As you asked for a possibility for a replacement, I assume that you are staying in a accommodation for refugees (like a “Heim”) and you are referring to staff working in that place? Many organizations running comparable shelters and accommodations have established a so-called complaint mechanism, which give people concerned the option to report on issues and to discuss difficulties with specialized staff or supervisors. However, I would also recommend to openly talk and explain about your feelings with that social worker. If issues can not be solved, talking to the management might be last step. I am afraid, that changing the accommodation because of personal issues with staff will be very difficult and most probably not accepted. Renting an own flat is of course also not easy, especially when you are living in a bigger city where many people looking for apartments. Nevertheless, you may want to keep your eyes open and try to collect all necessary documents for a respective application already. I hope this helps and all the best, Meike
answered May 15 by Meike
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