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The lady with whom we are  living is from Ghana and is a complete menace and a nuisance.  Yesterday she was being violent with my mother, my mother is sick and she was admitted in ICU a few months before. Despite knowing all this she is creating all the problems. We are being mentally harassed. She has got a German old man as a boyfriend. This is not my problem, but the problem is both of them disturbs a lot, they shout like a hooligan and bangs the door. All this non sense continues until late night. Yesterday her body language was like  as if she was going to be physically violent with my mother. I took my mother away from that spot. She is a threat to us and we dont feel safe with her. We have told and informed the people from ra

Town Hall a number of times, despite no way to come out from this chaos. This man will come on anytime of the day and they both will bang the door and will shout on top of their voice on the phone. She is a danger to us and I really want to move away from this place. I am earning my own through dual vocational training , so it is possible to atleast pay for my rent. I am really done with all this.  If anyone could suggest anything then this would be a great help
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