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Hi team , i would like to ask one question, due to my sitiation i want to move out from my house but hear me and my wife are made an agrement to house owner, we both are in jobcenter and they pay our rent, i would like to move from that house and like to work full time job and plan to live in seperate house it is possible or please give any idea to me, and one more if my wife apply for the divorce should i want to pay my wife rent and other moneys to her or not ( i dont have children),please clear this doubt only team , im belive your answers what are the steps that i want to follow this sitiation
asked Jan 23, 2019 in Legal advice by Thiyagraj

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Dear @Thiyagraj,

Thank you for reaching out to us again today!

As I've already shared with you on the last thread, it is necessary to check first what effect your possible divorce has on your legal status (since you've been married less than three years). That is because having a residence title  - which you still have right now- is a requirement to rent an apartment. 

Please reach out to a lawyer or legal aid service -  I shared contact details with you on the other thread!

(My wife wants to divorce me - What are my options?)

They will also be able to answer your question regarding the finances between you and your wife. That is hard to answer without knowing all the details of your case or having the necessary law expertise.

Also, as you've mentioned that you receive social benefits from the job center, you should check with them (maybe after getting legal advice regarding your status) where you can move and what you will need to do so.

Other than that, maybe other members can share some experiences with you here! 

Feel free to reach out to us again if you have any more questions.

Kind regards,


answered Jan 23, 2019 by Isa
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