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Can someone travel with humanitarian Residence 25.5 back to home Country or withing Europe?
I know few People Who travelled with the Permit and i know few People who we're told they cant travel with tie Permit.
Am abit confused.
asked May 8, 2020 in Legal advice by Pan 123

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Dear Pan 123,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question.

For me, I am unfortunately not familiar with cases, in which people holding a residence permit according to paragraph 25 (5) were travelling. Having a look at the respective section in the law/German Residence Act, it refers to 25 (5) as follows:

(5) A foreigner who is enforceably required to leave the federal territory may be granted a temporary residence permit if his departure is impossible in fact or in law and the obstacle to deportation is not likely to be removed in the foreseeable future. The temporary residence permit should be issued if deportation has been suspended for 18 months. A temporary residence permit may only be granted if the foreigner is prevented from leaving the federal territory through no fault of his own. Fault on the part of the foreigner shall apply in particular if he furnishes false information, deceives the authorities with regard to his identity or nationality or fails to meet reasonable demands to eliminate the obstacles to departure.

Thinking about it, travelling to your country of origin, given the fact that your residence permit is based on the circumstance that you are not able to do so, sounds problematic. I would join @manrhei-mbeon in her answer on a similar question, in which a community member was asking about travelling with a residence permit according to 25 (3). 

However, the refugee council in Lower-Saxony writes here that you can travel within the EU (up to 90 days) and to other countries as well, as long as you hold valid travel documents (passport) and you meet the individual visa requirements etc.

Maybe one of our wonderful experts can add on that - Dear @manrhei-mbeon or @mbeon-Christine, would you agree?

I hope this helps and please get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered May 8, 2020 by Meike
The Residence was issues because he is Raising a child born in German.
Then with Sorgerecht the Deportation cant Take place

I agree with Meike's opinion.
This residence title is granted when it is impossible to return to your home country. So it may not be possible to travel there.

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