Hello wefugees, i was granted a residence permit 25 abs 3 please can i travel to my home country freely with this type of document, & please what is my right as a holder of this document, I'm a married man as well, married to my fellow African woman, with kids also
asked Apr 19, 2020 in Legal advice by davide
I was granted a residence permit, 25 abs 3 - What are my rights? And I have one baby girl,is it allowed for my baby father to have resident permit, we have fatherschaft and sorg

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Dear Davide,

thank you för reching out to the wefugees community.

you should carefully consider a trip to your home country, even if this appears to be urgently necessary or not very dangerous at the moment. If the authorities learn of your trip home, a cancellation procedure is very likely to be initiated. The authority probably concludes from your trip home that the ban on deportation no longer exists. It is uncertain whether you will then retain your right of residence in Germany.

Your spouse may be entitled to a residence permit if the marriage already existed when you issued your residence permit and the duration of your stay in Germany is likely to be over a year.

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answered Apr 20, 2020 by manrhei-mbeon
Thank you very much, for your answer
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