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My name is John from Liberian, my asylum is finish because I went to the go with my girlfriend and my new born baby and the judge advice me to kill my asylum, she said that if I allow the asylum to proceed she will give me a negative judgment and that will he a nig brother for me son she advice me to kill my asylum and I did, right now I don't have asylum in germany but I still have 3 moth ausweis and I am trying to work my transfer to where my girlfriend lives in duisburg, my girlfriend have a resident permit of 2 years (25 abs2 4asylg) also with my son I just want to know of this can guaranty me a stay here in germany will I be able to get a resident permit one day please I need an answer
asked Feb 13 in Asylum proceedings by Jay0805

Dear @Jay0805

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us! 

To understand your situation better, some more details will be helpful:

What kind of document are you holding at the moment? Is it a Duldung? Did you apply for a transfer already? Since when are you in Germany and are you working? Also, could you please elaborate the type of residence permit of your child again? You were referring to the "Asylgesetz" which is dealing with the asylum procedure as such. You may want to check for a law which is followed by "AufenthG" in the document. Maybe you can also explain on which reason her residence permit is based. 

Looking forward to your response! 

All the best, 


My girlfriend document is (25 abs 2) and I dont have duldung, I have not work since 2016 because my city didn't allow me to work and I started the process of my transfer and they told me that they have sent a letter to my girlfriend city so I need to wait to get a reply from them, right now I don't have asylum again because the judge advice me to kill my asylum because if I allow my asylum to finish they will disturb me here in germany, I just want to know if I have a chance here in germany since my son have the same document as my girlfriend
Dear @Jay0805, Thank you for your response! It is still not clear to me, kind of document you are holding (if any). Please elaborate a bit more in detail on that. Best, Meike

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His an asylum document given to her because she can not return to her country because of the security of her life
answered Feb 14 by Jay0805
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