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Hello Sir/Madam,

I am curently doing my studies in Italy , I am holding Lebanese passport and Permesso di sioggiorno( student Italian residence) that expires in October 2020.
I got university Masters acceptance for summer fall which will start in mid March.
I wont able to make student visa at the German embassy in Beirut or even in Rome before April.
Some friends of mine told me that I can switch my Italian residence to German in Germany by going to the Auslander department so do you think it is allowed to do that?
Or can I study from March to June in Germany with my Italian residence and meanwhile I study I apply for the student visa in April?
I really need your help since I am not getting concrete answer and I am really confused .
This Masters program is very important to me and I would really hear from you.
asked Jan 26, 2020 in Education by Bahi.f
retagged Jan 26, 2020 by Bahi.f

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If you want to continue your studies in Germany, you have to start a visa procedure through the German embassy in Rome. What your friends mean is the opportunity to stay in Germany due to work. If you had a permanent EU residence in Italy, soggiornante di lungo periodo - CE oder UEyou should apply to the Immigration Office for ยง 38a AufenthG. If you then found a job, you could stay in Germany.

answered Apr 13, 2020 by Juana Steberl
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