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I have asylum Dublin decision. But today I have received letter from Kreishaus with above topic. Anybody can explain what type of letter Termin it is??

My Asylum residential Identity card already expired. It is for renewal of Identity card? Or something like deportation? Should I go?

If it is Duldung Visa can I get work permit?

Can I do ausbildung with that?
asked Dec 17, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Dcooper

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Dear Mr./dear Mrs.,

I am happy to greet you in the community. My Name is Zsigó and I am working as an advisor in a project called MBE-On.

To answer your question I searched for a simple explanation and translated into English.

Erteilung einer Duldung means:

"What is a toleration?

The uninviting term of “toleration” describes the special refugee status too accurately:

According to the law, tolerated people are not permitted to stay in Germany - 
their presence is tolerated in Germany, 
however, because deportation is not possible. 
However, tolerated people have to bow to strict guidelines
This refugee status affects asylum seekers whose asylum application 
has been rejected. 
This rejection is usually followed by an obligation to leave the country.
If those affected fail to do so, they face deportation.

If the immigration office determines that deportation is not possible, 
the rejected asylum seeker will be tolerated.

He is thus safe from deportation for three months. 
During this period, attempts are usually made to clarify the facts and to remedy
 the reasons for the suspension of the deportation.
Reasons for toleration

But what is the concept of "international, humanitarian, factual or legal reasons"
regarding the residence status of toleration?
Section 60 of the Residence Act states that 
there is a ban on deportation (for legal reasons) in the following cases:

In the target country of deportation, 
the person concerned threatens his or her freedom, life and limb
He is facing the death penalty in his home country

In addition, the following actual reasons lead to a temporary suspension of deportation:

    Serious illness causing inability to travel
    There is no passport
    There are no flights, trains or other entry options into the home country
    The country of origin has refused to resume
    The necessary papers (e.g. Visa) are not available."


My question is, did you receive Duldung for the first time?  
That means that normally you are not allowed to work in the first three months. 
But under certain circumstances you could be allowed to job after getting a 
permission from the immigration office. 
Almost the same is the  situation of an Ausbildung. 
You need to get a permission from the immigration office.

I hope it is clear to you what does Duldung mean. 
If you have other questions, you could have a confidential conversation 
through the app of the mbeon-project. 
You can download free charge from Google Play 
( or the App Store 
It is a simple app and simple to registrate yourself. 

I wish you all the best. 

Kind regards


answered Dec 18, 2019 by mbe-on_Zsigó
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Hi, thank you for your reply. In my case I have Dublin. How it will affect with this termin.
Good evening,
I would recommend you to talk with a lawyer about this question. It is a complicated question which not relevant for my job.

Kind regards,

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