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I applied for asylum in Germany In 11/2019. In 2/2020 my case was rejected as inadmissible because I had a visa from other country. My asylum Id was cancelled and since then it was not renewed. I appealed the decision but still didn't get a new decision. In 1/2021 Auslandbehörde tried to move me to the responsible country with no success because of a court order not to move me until my case was solved. Now i want to open a bank account but I need some valid Id. So my question is can I apply for Duldung until my Dublin case solved or not ?
asked Jun 17 in Asylum proceedings by luckyjoker

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Dear @luckyjoker,

you should either have a Aufenthaltsgestattung or Duldung. Duldung is usually nothing you apply for but which issues the foreigner's authority automatically.

In case they "forgot" to update your Ausweis: Call them and ask for renewal.You mentioned that" the court ruled you cannot be deported until your case is solved". This is a hint for me that you are not yet obliged to leave the country and should thus be holding a Aufenthaltsgestattung.

Anyway: Both papers should allow you to open a bank account.



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answered Jun 21 by mbeon-Ruth
Thanks for your answer.
Auslandbehörde says that I am still obligated to leave the country, even the the 6 months passed long time ago, that is why the court ruled not to move me, but they still didn't close the case, After this court order I was transfered to a different accomodations, but the local Auslandbehörde gave me a new ID with new address but with stamp 'Erloschen' . And before that it was the same, they stamped 'Erloschen' after my asylum was rejected as inadmissible.
@luckyjoker I don't quite understand why they won't give you either Aufenthaltsgestattung or at least Duldung. If you want to we can discuss your case a bit more in detail. As mbeon app is not working properly at the moment, I suggest you'll write me an email (you'll find me on Google: DRK, Euskirchen, Schaefer)
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