Hello there,
i am a duldung holder and living in germany for almost 7 years, after all i decided to leave germany and apply in another country in EU!
I'm also aware of Dublin III regulations but i was hoping if there is any chance to do it!?
would be thankful to receive advices and help!
asked May 29 in Asylum proceedings by Amani

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Dear @Amani

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

I am very sorry to hear that you are struggling since such a long time and you are even thinking about moving to another country. I assume with "applying" you are referring to applying for asylum again? You mentioned the Dublin regulations already - unfortunately, your chances to get accepted as refugee in another EU country (after getting rejected in one of them) are very low. However, did you learn already about the so-called "Chancen-Aufenthaltsrecht" which the new government is planning to introduce? Some federal states are actually implementing it already. Maybe it can also present a new perspective for you, as it is supposed to give long-term Duldung holders a residence and work permit for one year. In this year, the people might get the chance to fulfill other requirements for a residence permit (as securing the livelihood, prove the identity etc.) and eventually secure their stay in Germany. As I said, the law is neither finally drafted nor even implemented, but the chance is quite high that there will be improvements for people holding a Duldung since many years. 

I hope this information are useful to you and please do not hesitate to get back to us with any further questions. 

All the best, 


answered May 29 by Meike
thank you Meike!
You're great.
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