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hallo iam from pakistan and i have apply for marraige here in germany .. i give all requerd documnets in standsamt passport birthcertifact and single or unmarriad certifact ..

so now i got one problem that german embesy in pakistan speak that i have some problem with birthcertifacte i must clear this otherwise you cont marraige ..

so my quastion is that is there any law that i can get marraide without resolve problem with birthcertifacte ? becouse i have apply asylem in germany and i can not go in pakistan for resolve this problem with birth certifacte ..

any advice please
asked Dec 6, 2019 in Legal advice by uzma

Dear @uzma

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugees Community! 

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any law granting yo the right to marry even without a valid birth certificate. 

Is there someone in Pakistan you trust and who could deal with the birth certificate on your behalf (i.e. with a power of attorney)? 

However, civil servants in the German registry offices are also somewhat autonomous and can decide quite independently. Maybe you can talk to one or two of them again and explain your situation. 

I also link our experts @Infoverbund and @alla_fka here, as they might have some additional ideas. 

All the best, 


thank you for your answer
now i want to ask if court reject my marraige application based on wrong birth certifacte then i can apply in family court to get marreid? becouse one freind tell me that family court dont need any documnts from your home land? how its work ? any adivce please

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I've never heard about the possibility to solve the problem through a family court.

Did you check all documents which you have with the responsible Standesamt in your place? They must give you an answer if your documents are ok or you need some change, for example a legalising procedure in Pakistan. In this case you can only send the document there and ask somebody to help you (if you have money, there are always lawyer offices which can help). As far as I know, for citizens of some countries it is possible to send documents to the German embassy there and pay money, the German embassy gives it to special lawyers to check. No idea if it works with Pakistan.

A family court is a part of a civil court (Amtsgericht), they normally have consulting hours in which you can come and ask your questions.
answered Dec 6, 2019 by Alla_fka
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