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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a lawyer in Hessen state only who speak English and who specialize in family reunion visa, asylum and residence law. Because I need to consult if it is good for me if I seek asylum being on a student visa. I would be grateful if anyone knows any good lawyer and i dont think it matters if the lawyer is german or foreigner. looking forward.

asked Nov 18 in Legal advice by Jeddy

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1 Answer

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Hi @Jeddy,

I would recommend you to check out the lawyers listed on this site under "Hessen":

Especially the second ones sound really good for your case since the law firm is specialized on family matters as well.

If this doesn´t help you, another possibility is to contact the so called refugee council (Flüchtlingsrat) in Hessen and ask them for a recommendation for a good english speaking lawyer close to you. But keep in mind that they probably get a lot of e-mails or calls, so if they don´t answer quickly you can also go see a free counselling centre/office (or try it first with an email) - they can maybe give you a first impression on your legal situation as well and can for sure recommend you a good lawyer close to you. You can find one of these counselling centres/offices via this website:

I hope this helps and please don´t hesitate reaching out to the Wefugees Community if you have further questions!

All the best


answered Nov 19 by InfoVerbund
thank you very much for these websites and recommendations .
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