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Hi, I am an assylum seeker and had a son with a German lady in which i got the necessary papers like Sorgerecht Appeal /Sorgerecht Certificate (Urkunde Uber die Sorge),Vaterschaftannerkennung,Geburt Urkunde, DNA Test Result, Declaration from the mother as the father but we don’t live together and also i work and pay Unterhalt (Child Support) i recently applied for a resident permit in which i was asked some question because we don’t live together and later allowed to Thumbprint, gave them a passpbort photograph and paid 100EUR…. Is it likely for me to be granted a resident permit?
asked Oct 9, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by fawaz

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Dear @fawaz,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community!

I found a thread here on the Wefugees Website where a similar question was asked. There you can find all the prerequisites for a resident permit through a German familiy member. Don´t be confused, the information quoted is from the Berlin Senate - if you are from another city the information still applies, you just have to replace the information regarding "Berlin" with the city you are living in right now. Please also note that you don´t need to show proof of German language skills - that doesn´t apply on your case.

If you fulfill all the prerequisites it is likely that you receive a resident permit. Please also keep in mind that it is important that you not only have the "formal" paternity (Vaterschaft) but that you take actual care of your child that requires you to stay in Germany, for example regular visits etc. This is of course easier to proof if you live together with your child.

If you are not sure if you fulfill all the prerequisites or if your application gets rejected it might be helpful to contact a lawyer or if you can´t afford one a counselling centre/office. I will link a website for you where you can find independant and free counselling close to you:

I hope this answer was helpful. Please don´t hesitate getting back to the community if you have more questions.

All the best


Note: Please keep in mind that we can´t provide qualified legal advice via the internet and that any information given can´t replace such legal advice.

answered Oct 10, 2019 by InfoVerbund
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