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Would like to thank you guys for the amazing work and for the all the great advices keep up the same energy going.

I am a duldung holder what are the steps to get a resident permit through my german child, I have done all the necessary papers,should my child first get a birth certificate and passport before I apply or it doesn’t matter? And I was only given a birth registration by stadtamt because I don’t have a passport(therefore my identity isn’t clear)but I have birth certificate and inside the registration paper my child nationality is blank while the father is german and so should the child,considering was born here so now I can’t get child benefit from socialamt because in the paper it’s not written the child is german and they want me to make an ID ie: passport for my child which says is german if I don’t have my own passport as the mother does that affect my child from getting german nationality because they didn’t even give me a birth certificate How’s my identity involved in this? And do I really have to make an ID for my child so to get help? Also I was denied transfer when I was pregnant to his place by his city government really stupid reasons and we want to raise our child together my lawyer has tried so many times to write the auslander of my city but no answer what can I do about this?? Thanks
asked Jul 1, 2019 in Legal advice by Grace
@Grace, what city is that in Germany?

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Dear @Grace,

Thank you for sharing your questions with the Wefugee Community and thank you also for your kind words!

Unfortunately, it is quite often the case, that children do not get a birth certificate but an "extract from the birth registry" if for the authorities the identities of the parents are not clear (lack of proof/documentation). Please check this thread as you will find a brochure here, which explains the registration process of a newborn in Germany really well:

One important question: Did you make a "Vaterschaftsanerkennung" for the child? This would be essential for the German citizenship. Please let us know, if you need more information on this.

Once the child has the German citizenship, you can apply for a residence permit according to §28 AufenthG as a mother of a German child.

As I mentioned already, please get back to us with any further questions or if clarification is needed. We are happy to support!

All the best,


answered Jul 2, 2019 by Meike
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