Dear sir/madam.
I was in court for my first apeal since 2017 and I got a letter last week that the court did not believe my situations in Africa.  Meanwhile my lawyer said that it's also good but she won't make another apeal.

My family have 3 years Aufenthalt permit and I have all the legal document from fatherschaft,soggeriecht and others. We all live together since 2013 and my son is 5 years while my second child is years above.  I'm working and also my fiancee is working. I have applied before for Aufenthalt but the Auslanderbehorde ask me to wait till my asylum is finish.  Now that my asylum is finish what can  I do?? Auslanderbehorde already have my passport since September 2018 and have been working since September 2018. My lawyer told me to have A2 for integrated Aufenthalt and she also told me that I can get Aufenthalt 18abs or 28abs.  I don't want Duldung and I want direct Aufenthalt since my asylum is finish. Auslanderbehorde have my working contract and a document that I applied through my kids. My kids are in Kindergarten and we don't get any help from the state apart from the kindergeld of my 2 kids because of thier right and permit in Germay. What are my chances of getting Aufenthalt as I have applied before but they rejected it cos my asylum was still in running.  

My lawyer told me that we should wait until Auslanderbehorde have the paper from Bamf that my asylum is finish then we can ask for resident permit.  Please give me more information as I have been in Germany since 2013 December with my fiance and my kids and my fiance already have the Aufenthalt since 2017 June..
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asked Sep 17, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Gago | 509 views
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