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Hello  everyone I just got married couple days ago and I am still in the asylum camp here in Germany and they refused to transfer me because I got negative decision  and now I am married they said I have to wait 18 months in the camp before I can be transferred, my husband  lives in another region and am not allowed to leave my region, I want to know if I can just leave the camp and have my husband put me in his address, or now that I am married  is it possible to terminate my asylum without been sent back to my country.
asked Apr 8 in Asylum proceedings by Jay_jay1

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Well congratulations for your marriage
Normally you can go to your husband and make your Anmeldung because it's your right to live with him. Are your husband is in same state ?
Later when you give apply for Aufaufenthalt then you can stop your asylum.
answered Apr 8 by pk
selected Apr 8 by Jay_jay1
Thank you, and yes he lives in a small state.
No we in different states and am not allowed to leave my region
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