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Hi my name is fred,
In 2015 I arrived Italy I was an asylum seeker seeker I was giving 1 month permit to stay in Italy while my asylum process was going on in that same 2015 I left to austria by train, when I got to austria after few months I ment a lady we fell inlove and we got married successfully after 1 month of the marriage I applied for my family permit in austria but it was denied the authorities told my wife that my asylum process was still on in Italy,in 2017 I returned back to Italy to start my asylum process again after much paperwork I was granted a 6 months permit to stay in Italy but true a judge after the 6 months permit expired I tried to renew the 6 months permit but was not possible because the authorities told me my appeal was not granted, and now me and my wife we have a son together my questions is: now am living in Italy with my wife and son can I apply for the family permit here in Italy? And what are my rights having 2 eu citizens?(my wife and son) 3 since my asylum process was rejected and am married already with a child do I have the rights to stay in European soil? Thanks we wait your reply.
asked Aug 3, 2019 in Legal advice by Fred uyi
Is anybody still answering people questions in this platform?

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Dear Fred uyI,

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugee Community!

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Italian residence law. But I assume that your wife would need to have her habitual residence in Italy, if you want to apply for a residence permit there (That would be a requirement in Germany at least). If she lives in Austria, you might need to apply for a family reunification there. Please find details on the process in Austria here. It is in German language though, but I guess your wife speaks German?! However, according to the EU freedom of movement regulations, you will have in general the right to live together with your wife in the EU.

I hope this helps and please get back to us if any clarification is needed.

All the best,


answered Aug 12, 2019 by Meike
Okay thank you.
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