Good day. . .  I just got married with my BF , i have American Marriage Certificate as i was in Germany , and i sign a Affidavit that i am unable to travel to USA and in Kansas City there is a law and i successfully got Marriage Certificate with Appostiel and its Valid in all World ,  My Issue is that i Hires a Lawyer as i am Completely illegal in Germany , Lawyer told me to Register myself in rathaus and its Successfull and then he Applied residence permit for me Through Court and Court Order Auslanderbehorde to start my Application .  now after 3 months pass i got Notification from Auslanderbehorde that they lost my File they need it once again ..  The thing is here when i first go to Auslandbehorde with Court order They got Angry and Rude and told me why i go to court Bla bla bla .  My Question is What i should do now ?  Should i send my partner to go to Rathaus or Auslanderbehorde to presure them to do fast ?  What Experts here advice ? I am Quite Worried but i am in hope that i will be granted Residence permit ,  Rathaus Didnt Said anything on my American Marriage ceritificate its means German Accept my Marriage Certificate So Please Help me Guys Guide me .. Thank You
asked Aug 4, 2018 in Legal advice by Kevinreed00131

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Hello @Kevinreed00131

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

As far as I understand, Ausländerbehörde lost your documents/file, but they need them to process your case. So I would get in touch with them and submit all the documents they need again. Or am I missing the point here?

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answered Aug 7, 2018 by Thor
I already Gave them my Documents again , But i am waiting for Answer , how long they need more to give me Answer ?
Ok, thanks for clarifying the matter. I didn't get that based on the initial question.

Unfortunately, it's not unusual that authorities take a while to process your case. If you've been waiting for 3 months (or more) since you submitted your documents again, then you can file a so-called "Untätigkeitsklage" at Verwaltungsgericht which forces Ausländerbehörde to act. It's recommended to consult a lawyer for this.
It's about 3 months when I first time gave them documents, 2nd time it's about 3 weeks and waiting yet.. Should I call them and ask? As I am completely illegal so I afraid to go there
What does your lawyer recommend? If you are afraid of getting in touch with Ausländerbehörde, can you ask him to inquire instead of you? Before filing an "Untätigkeitsklage" you should ask Ausländerbehörde about your case, especially since it's been just 3 weeks.
Yes. I told me lawyer please call them and ask. He said he will. But I am little worried that's why I ask question here.. Normally this take so long? And normally in this type of case granted residence permit as I am married with German citizen?
If you are married to a EU citizen (e.g. a German) you have a right to get a residence permit. It could happen that Ausländerbehörde asks you to go back to your home country, apply for a valid visa and then return to Germany in order to get said residence permit. Especially since you've stayed in Germany illegally. I think it's best to rely on your lawyers advice in this case because he took a closer look at the details and is probably more experienced.

To me it doesn't sound unusual that it takes a couple of weeks to process your case.
I understand. I am from. Pakistan and by sexual I am gay. And gays always got killed in Pakistan and if I go I have big fears like death. After knowing all ausländerbehörde will still tell me to go back my country?
Unfortunately, I can't tell you what exactly will happen. But it has been ruled by court multiple times that the procedure outlined above is lawful. You should talk to your lawyer about this. Especially since there is a lot at stake for you at the moment.
Ja that's right. I am in touch with my lawyer let's see what happend
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Dear Friend Hope you and your wife are doing good, I will be happy that i can get in touch with you or if possible you can give me a brief knowledge since i have a similar case like your own.

I have a child with a German woman and my lawyer applied for residence permit since 2016 December but there still delaying me.

my lawyer was upset and file a lawsuit against the Auslanderbehorde and took the case to Administrative court on August 2018 for my Aufenthalserlaubnis in Koln for 6months now we have not got any reply from the court and am little bit worry.

Please my question is that since is my first time at court i want to know how long thus the court takes compare to yours because my is 6month now without answer from the court and will like you to give me some few idea will be happy concerning your situation and how long yours took pls.


pls my gmail is
answered Feb 6, 2019 by christianowusu
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