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I got married to a German and we succeded to get the married registered.
the Standesamt still have some of my documents for the past two weeks now for their verification(MY SCHOOL CERTIFICATES AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE).
My auswiese will expire in 25 days from now. But i am still a current student with a German University. Please what kind of documents should I Present to the immigration if I want to extent my ausweises
asked Mar 8, 2018 in Legal advice by ekemaed1
Hello @ekemaed - welcome to our community and thank you for your question! I will link @WKZB1 from Willkommenszentrum Berlin here. Maybe he can help you to find an answer to your question. Best regards, Thorgen

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Hello @ekemaed,

Because you mention that the marriage registration office wants to verify your documents, I assume that you and your wife did not get married in Germany or  one other EU country. If the marriage done abroad is effective and recognized in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit for family reunion as a husband of a German citizen at the immigration office. Information on the required documents can be found under the following link of the immigration office Berlin

If not, you have to apply for extending your student residence Permit then.

Best regards


answered Mar 14, 2018 by WKZB1
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