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Hello everyone I recently got married and I have my marriage certificate with appostille stamp on it already I got my Germany medical insurance now waiting for melding soon I have have melding paper what I must do next I must go where and do I need appointment for immagration office or what next I must do I must go to immigration office soon after melding or I must go any other office answer will be appreciated
asked Oct 3 in Legal advice by Musawvir

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Dear @Musawvir

thank you for your question and your contribution in the community. 

As for your question: 

1.  If the marriage done abroad is effective and recognized in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit for family reunion as a husband of a German citizen at the immigration office. Information on the required documents can be found under the following link of the immigration office Berlin

I hope I could help you with the information above, if you need further guidance please use the platform and we will be glad to help. 

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answered Oct 4 by Nilab
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