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I was a student in France but présently ou visa is expirer and i am still living in France. I am married to a German.  I want to go To Germany to my husband. I would like to know the légal procédures to follow if i get to Germany since i dont have any valid document but i want to stay in Germany.
asked Mar 3, 2019 in Legal advice by Emily101
edited May 2, 2019 by Safia Advocate

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Dear @Emily101,

Thank you for your question and sorry you had to wait so long for an answer!

If you are married to German citizen, you qualify for a residence permit in Germany. However, you are supposed to hold a valid visa or residence permit in order to apply for it. In principle, you should go back to your country and apply for a family reunification visa from there ; but depending on how long you overstaid your visa, this might take time / be difficult.

The German Foreigners Office might make an exception and give you a "Tolerance permit" (Duldung) until your receive your residence permit, so I recommend you to get in touch with an immigration lawyer to help you with this.

I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to add a comment if you need additional information!

All the best,


answered Apr 29, 2019 by Safia Advocate
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