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Hello to everyone congratulations for this wonderful site....i want to know if i ask subsequent asylum after i left germnay voluntarity for one year will i be sent to the same camp if yes can i do something to refuse going there ???thanks a lot i hope i ill get an answer
asked Jun 24 in Legal advice by Andrea111

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Dear @Andrea111

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugee Community! 

In order to fully understand your situation, it might be helpful if you could provide some more details on your case. For example, why did you go back to your country of origin? Did you wait for a result of the asylum procedure? Why did you decide to come to Germany again (i.e. your personal situation/the security situation in your country has changed...etc.)? However, in general, the chance might be quite low that the German authorities will send you to the same camp again, once you have applied for asylum. As there are many reception centres/camps etc. all over Germany, you might be sent to another one this time. There occurred also some changes in the landscape of accommodations during the last months. Even if my answer was quite general, I hope that it could help. Please feel free to explain your case more and to reach out to us again! 

All the best, 


answered Jun 26 by Meike
Thank u very much for ur answer....i recevied the negative and i appealed cause of health problems they ask from me a medicinal report after i received i sent to them but they didnt give me an answer meanwile the foctor of hospital told me to go to the specialist but housearzt doesnt give me the termin he just push it away so i decied to leave but now my personal situation have changed here thats why i want to seek asylum again but im worried because i dont wanna go at that doctor anymore....will my illnes count?
And thank you very much again for your answer you was very helpfull
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