What about if you are from Africa and you went to university and had a little working experience and then you are forced to be in Germany and now the situation for a lot of people is, that they want to adapt to the system here, because the difference of the system between Africa and here is quite big. We would like to know all the steps, where you can go etc. to get the advice you need
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Good collection or initiatives to enter the job market in #munich at https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/1788

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There are many initiatives that support for studies, for finding a job or integrating into german life. F.e. you can come to us, to Social Impact Recruiting if you’re looking for work and enter the work. I would honestly do some google searches or talk to us afterwards if you have any specific questions on how do I make german friends f.e. There's a number of websites that you can register to and find a german speaking partner. You have to work a little by yourself, meet with this person regularly, there is also intercultural meet ups where you have germans, foreigners, some refugees. There are many offering in Munich especially. So if you do a bit of research i think you can find them. And you can also ask us for more specific.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by SIR
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