as a refugee, when you find yourself in a situation that you have a job but the Ausländerbehörde doesn’t approve that you can work in this job. What do you do?
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You have a job offer from a company but this does not mean you can work there. You have a job offer and this job offer you take to the Ausländerbehörde to Landratsamt? to see if you’re allowed to do this job. If the Landratsamt tells you no, they will do it to you in a letter form. They send you a letter and it says yes or no. And if it  says no, there is a reason as to why they are not giving you the allowance for this job.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by SIR
I am Not yet rejected. I have this job and I am working but they told me that I have to get an approval from the landratsamt. They told me I am not allowed to work because this work is specifically for citizens.
That’s this Vorrangprüfung that I was telling you about. The first check that Munich has. And the first check says if your are 15 months of being in Germany, Munich has the right right now to tell, to see first if a german citizen or EU citizen can do the job.
But they didn’t send me the letter, they just told me that this job is specifically for EU citizens.
I would then try again. Because you are always allowed to apply for the job. And if you are having problems at the Ausländerbehörde I would ask for someone who speaks german to go with you. Because normally what happens is that you give them this paper that the employer has filled out. They approve it in their system and they check if a german citizen or EU citizen can do the job. Once this is checked it goes to the Agentur für Arbeit to check that the wage that you will paid is fair for the work that you are asked to do and then you get a letter saying yes or no. If they did not take your paper I would go back and would have someone who speaks german go with you.
So I left this form they gave me with the company for them to fill it out. And then I gave it to the Landratsamt but they just told me this job is not for refugees.
My point is, if they did not take the paper and prove it internally and sent you the letter that says no, I would try it again.
I lost the form.
But if that happens again I would say to bring someone who speaks german with you, because you have the right to apply for the job and if the company has filled out the paper it should go through the normal process. They should not be able to give it just back to you and say no. They should approve that in their system and send you the letter telling you no. They should not just **** at it, saying no and give it back to you. It should go through the normal system and you receive in the the mail the yes or no answer and the reason why.
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