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I just want to ask you guys about my case.
I applied my asylum in Holland  2018 they reject me. Now I'm in Germany and I want to know if I ask asylum in Germany they gone send me back to Holland or.. Germany gone take my case.? Or how long I have to wait to ask asylum in Germany? almost one years now I'm in Germany can I ask asylum in Germany it's possible? Or they send me back to Holland?
Appreciate you're helping
asked Jun 3, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Santhanam17

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Dear Santhanam17,

Welcome to the Wefugee Community!

As you applied for asylum already in another „Dublin-country“ (here you find more information of the Dublin III-procedure:;jsessionid=754919FEE524509B037670357B1A727F.1_cid359), your application will be treated as „Zweitantrag“ (§71a AsylG).

The Dublin III-procedure determines the country, which will be responsible to carry out an asylum procedure. If, according to the Dublin III-procedure, that responsibility would be handed over from Holland to Germany and there are also certain conditions fulfilled (i.e. there are new individual reasons and circumstances which might lead to a different assessment of your case now), there might also be a chance to do another asylum procedure in Germany. Otherwise, Germany will try to deport you back to Holland. The overall requirements for a second asylum procedure are quite difficult and complex (as the Dublin-regulation in general!). Therefore, I would highly recommend you to look for individual legal support.

I hope these information will be useful for you and please get back to us for clarifications.

Good luck and all the best,


answered Jun 19, 2019 by Meike
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