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I seek asylum in Germany and my asylum has been rejected. I got duldung and after that, I leave Germany and came to Spain now I am living here since January 2018 but someone said to me that I should apply here for asylum I just wanted to know if I apply for asylum here is it possible that they will deport me to Germany?

asked Jul 25 in Asylum proceedings by Adi

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Dear @Adl,

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugee community!

If you apply a second time for asylum (this time in another country), I am afraid that your case will unfortunately be a so-called "Dublin-case". Germany and Spain both apply the Dublin regulation, which determines the responsible country for an asylum procedure. Please find more information in this thread, where Marcel describes this process very detailed.

I hope your questions will be answered here, otherwise feel free to get back to us for more clarification!

All the best,


answered Aug 2 by Meike
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