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hello everybody ! I am refugee in Germany and I want to study in Msc Data Science Programme preferably in English. Can anybody suggest any scholarship or logical path especially for a distance learning.Thanks
asked May 21, 2019 in Education by Evren

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don't know if you know the DAAD yet? Its the main address for international students who wish to study in Germany & for German students who wish to study abroad. They also have a database of scholarships for foreign students on their web page:

Its sorted by degree, country of origin etc.

Remember that in Germany, there are many associations and foundations that give scholarships to special groups of people; e.g. members of a specific social group, minority or religion, people who have done voluntary work & have special interests (environment e.g.) people with handicaps or special kinds of diseases, etc. There also exist some scholarships for acknowledged refugees!

Good Luck!

answered May 23, 2019 by Pampel_Muse
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