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Hello dear community,

I have been with Duldung for 3 months from now, after two applications for a residence permit by Germen child and German partner,
I have got rejected,

so i have decided to go back to my home country and apply for a visa for family reunion, i have got an appointment on the 07.07.19,

I have informed the immigration office about this decision and they are willing to help me by providing a support document to represent the consulate in Algeria, and my lawyer also willing to help to push the visa process to be processed quickly while i'm in Algeria by the German consulate,

I would like to ask by all of this papers what are the estimation period of time that i have to wait in my home land country to get the visa.

And what is the chance on getting the visa ?
I'm afraid to be stuck there, even though i have submitted our documents in Standesamt for marriage and we are waiting for an appointment to be given.

Best regards

Getting a residence permit with a German child :

Getting married with Duldung status :
asked May 3, 2019 in Legal advice by latrache
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During your residents permit application rejection, where you in court for the Appeal?? And if yes, did you tell or give the court a reason of not going back to ur home country? Are you currently working in Germany? Did you come with a visa to Germany before? And what city are you in Germany? Do you also tell them that you have a family at home? And FINALLY try to take your child along with you to Africa if you want to be back to Germany fast...
answered May 3, 2019 by Obumkelly79
I haven't been to the court, my lawyer didn't advice me to do this, the reason is about the military service, and the reason on getting Duldung is my child, i live in Düsseldorf region, i come to Germany with a valid residence permit from Hungary and expired while i was with a procedures.
I won't mind taking my child with me but ain't easy to get a visa for my wife as she is German, so wise to let them here for a small period of time !

Thanks for your inquiry
Have you ever seen someone that went to Africa and came back with the said visa? Bruder, are you allowed to look for work with ur Duldung?
@latrache try to take the Ausländerbehörde to the court just tell your lawyer to write an appeal against the rejection in the court that you can't travel without your family here.. meine brüder you might win in the Court..
Well i'm supper confused right now, because with Duldung i'm so restricted and can't travel or be a salbeiständig in Germany, i have just got a driving license in Germany and working with Duldung really tights my possibilities! And i have to pay around 1300 euros of the court -450 in case i win ! This is no sense, i don't see any other chance only by going back to Algeria, so i duna, it's complicated, i just don't won't to stay more then a month in algeria waiting for a visa.
Normally you can pay the money instalment(little by little). It's better you go to court and your wife is beside you that she can't be alone for even a week then you will win the court... Because you already have a child here and you have a right to the child too..
@latrache how is your case going? Did you take the case to court and did you win ? Or you returned willingly to your home country ? If you return back, how is the process? Does it take you long to get the visa and how long it take you ? Or are you still in Germany and fighting them in court? I need your reply bro .
@latrache I just want to know your situation right now so I can know what to do to mine if they ask me to go back to my home country and come back with family reunion visa. Because I have a German child now though I am illegal and right now I have applied for vaterschaft at Jugendamt in my woman city , waiting for their reply . I heard that they always tell people to go back and come back with family reunion visa. Please tell me your situation now and how it's going with you .
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