I am a masters student in Würzburg studying Social work with refugees and migrants while my finance is an undergraduate student in Schweinfurt, I have been in Germany for 1year and hw has been in Germany for 2yrs . We have two kids before coming to Germany as students. But we didnt inform the embassy about the kids. We miss them alot and we want to have them beside us, How can we bring our kids? Is it possible that my boyfriend visa can be changed to family reunion visa when we bring the kids?  So that he can be working full time while i and the kids continue studying?
asked Sep 19, 2020 in Legal advice by Fobellah | 298 views

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Hello Faobellah,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees community..

As a student, you also have the option of allowing your children to enter Germany as part of family reunification For this you have to make an application at the foreign office in your hometown. For more informations you can also **** on the homepage from the German embassy in your homecountry . and read which papers are necessary.

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