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Currently my husband is employed and is looking for a job with better pay and a Blue Card. He has been looking and whenever he tells the employers that he is an asylum seeker, he gets rejected. My husband now has a job offer from a company. However he didn't tell them that he is an asylum seeker (but he is with a work permit issued by the Auslandbehörde). Now the company is asking him to submit a copy of his passport plus current work permit or visa, and is seeking approval from their Betriebsrat. :(

I am just nervous right now, but not surprised. Do you think he will be rejected?
asked Apr 29, 2019 in Work by someoneingermany

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your situation is not really clear in details, but in general: if your husband is an asylum seeker, it means, that he has still any residence and job permission for working in Germany. In this case he has to apply for the job permission to the Ausländerbehörde using the company contract. It usually takes 4 weeks or longer to get the permission to work in this company. There is any other way to work legally in Germany. I'd like to suggest to you to talk to the company and said, that you have to apply for the job permission. You can also ask to a legal conselling if your husband can makes an internship in the company wihtou any permission from the migration office. It depens on his legal status but usually you can make an internship for 3 months without pay (Mindestlohngesetz). I'm not sure, if that will a good step in to the company anyway. At best you look for a consulting office in your city of residence. If you are in Berlin, you can come to the LernLaden Neukölln in der Karl-Marx-str. 131 every day at 9 or am tuersday at 14.

Best regards
answered Jul 8, 2019 by BildungsberaterIn
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