First of all, I wish you good health and good spirit.

I entered Germany on March 1st, 2023, and registered with the city administration by March 23rd, 2023. After that, I tried to contact the Immigration Office to get an appointment for the Blue Card as I have a 100% contract with the university for four years for my Ph.D. studies.

They were actually too nice to me and helpful and I managed to contact them!

Also, the person handling my case is very nice, helpful, and cooperative, I told her about my case and she managed to give me a "certificate of fiction" as my short-term visa expired on 05/29/2023 and I got this blue card appointment on 05/11/2023. They told me that we are waiting for the decision of the Employment Agency (Arbeitsagentur), since they sent my documents "yesterday", that is, on 05/10/2023. They told me that we expect the answer next Wednesday (05/17/2023). The problem is that we're already three weeks past that date and I still don't have an answer.

I know I have to wait, but the university and the DFG are upset about the delay in signing the contract. Also, next month will be my fourth month of living on my own and it will be difficult to sustain myself financially for more than a month. I need to get paid as soon as possible and any further delay could jeopardize my contract with the university.

So could you please help me? I tried to contact the person dealing with my case and I didn't get any reply from month ago. It started to be a little bit frustrating and I am upset not getting any reply or any thing saying when should I get my work permit, or a document saying that I am in the process of acquiring my residence title to be able to sign the contract.

#000000; font-size: medium;">I tried using each possible mean of communication, but nothing till now.

#000000; font-size: medium;">whom should i contact if no would reply to me? I even went there last week at the open office hours and someone there just told me to send her an email, which tried several times.

Thank you for your efforts ❤️

Mohamed Ibrahim

asked Jun 5, 2023 in Work by Mohamed Ibrahim | 630 views
Kindly try contacting them per FAX , also there’s high chance possibility of getting a reply if your employer (THE UNIVERSITY) can contact and reach them on your behalf . Best regards
Thanks a lot for your response ❤️
I have tried every means of communication (e-mails, calling the person, sending post delivered by myself to their post box, going there during the office hours) but no feedback.

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Dear @Mohamed Ibrahim

Firstly, I have a question about your visa: does it allow you to work? For this it needs to say something like ‘Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet’ or ‘Beschäftigung erlaubt’. The certificate of fiction extends the validity of your visa until the Immigration Office makes a decision on your case. Therefore, if the visa allowed you to work, you can still do so.

Otherwise, you cannot start work until the authorities issue you with a permit. The Arbeitsagentur only has two weeks to reply to the immigration authorities. If they do not reply within this time, the immigration authorities have to consider this as an approval. So that cannot be causing an issue with your application at this stage.

Has there been no reply to any of the emails you sent? Did you outline the issues the delay is causing in your communication with them, as you have done here?

I can only advise you to again go during the open office hours. I do not understand why a person who comes to open office hours would be just told to write an email. If you need help or have difficulty communicating in German, you can get free assistance (usually available in English) from migrant counselling. There are offices all over Germany, you can search for one in your area here:


Alternatively, your future employer can also make an inquiry on your behalf as they are also dissatisfied with the situation.



answered Jun 7, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
Dear Eanna,

First of all, I am too grateful for your response. thanks a lot.

Secondly, I entered the country using the free-visa option since I am Canadian so I have a short-stay visa for 3 months, on 11.05.2023 I managed to get an extension for my visa with this "fiktionsbescheinigung". They informed me that I wouldn't be able to work till the reply from the Arbeitsagentur, based on them my documents were sent on 10.05.2023, so we are more than two weeks duration you mentioned. I understand what you mean by these two weeks it is like a rule I have checked for hiring foreigners in Germany.

Verordnung über die Beschäftigung von Ausländerinnen und Ausländern (Beschäftigungsverordnung - BeschV) § 36 Erteilung der Zustimmung

I have read a lot of rules, and I am sure that this applies to me. However, when I went there this week during open office hours they told me they don't know anything and just send an email to the person dealing with your case, who stopped replying suddenly

Yesterday I had a phone call with them again asking about this rule but without any positive feedback, the lady on the phone told me to send an e-mail with this rule  and she didn't know about it.

My professor send it to them and we got nothing, unfortunately. I made everything I swear, but nothing. They talked always in English and they were nice, but since May they aren't replying at all.

Thanks one more time❤️
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