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The qustion is about the first steps of the asylum seeking process. Hi,  Do asylum seekers who have valid passport with valid visa get deported in Germany if they seek asylum there? Should they hide their passport to avoid deportation? Is it possible to do so?
asked Mar 15, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Dlshad

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You can seek asylum but my advice to you,  don't ever think of handling your country passport to them because they will use it to deport you quickly when your asylum has been rejected by court . Many of us here, has been rejected by Germany and they are telling us to bring our passport for deportation but I never give them and I will never give them. Please don't let anyone deceive you
answered Mar 16, 2019 by felise
Thanks for your advice, but how could you avoid it to hand over your passport? I read that it is obligatory to give your ID to authorities by new law. Can another ID be given instead the passport?
Bro don't give your identity to them . Fuck their law. But what did you hear about the new law for those that didn't give out their identity?
I have read that if asylum seekers reject helping authorities to reavle their identity and reject to give their ID, that affects their cases.
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