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I work with 2 asylum seekers who have both had there interviews awaiting there decision, they have said that they would like to get married, they are both Vietmanesse and have been in the UK for about 5 years, can they get married in the UK without breaking any rules or laws
asked Jun 21, 2018 in Legal advice by ChrishBish

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Hello @ChrisBish

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question.

In general, it's possible for couples to marry no matter what their legal status is. Of course there might be complications e.g. if they are afraid of getting in touch with authorities because they fear deportation etc. In this specific case, however, they are still awaiting their cases to be decided and therefore can't be deported in the meantime. So if they can provide the required documents, they should be able to marry. Please check out the following website provided by the British government for extensive information:

Apart from that, have you gotten in contact with the register office to ask them about the exact requirements and procedure? If there are certain details to be kept in mind that I couldn't find information about, they are the ones that can give valid advice about it.

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answered Jun 25, 2018 by Thor
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