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hello dear cumminity,

 would like to ask for Basiskonto to open as Duldung holder, even though already been to Sparkassa and they charge 7.90 euro per month which away too much as socialleistrung reciever.

any recommondation on how to open a bank account with duldung in an account free of charges

asked Feb 14, 2019 in Money by latrache

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Dear @latrache,

Thank you for reaching out to us again!

I've read that a few Sparkassen in the country charge people between 3-9€ for Giro-accounts. 

As the following website states, new EU-Guidelines came into effect in September 2016, which should enable everyone in the EU (also those who do not have a passport or sufficient documents) to open a bank account. 

Source in German:

When I researched Giro bank accounts that are free of charge, this list came up:

And a list of Basiskonten that are free of charge:

As I understand it, the Basiskonto is easier to open for people with Duldung, but I couldn't find if these bakns specifically offer bank accounts for people with Duldung. However, in principle you have the right to open a Basikonto with any of them!

The "Verbraucherzentrale" states you have the right to consult the "Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht" (BaFin - Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervision), if any bank refuses to open a Basiskonto for you. 


I hope this information helps! Feel free to update us on your experiences -  if you found a good bank, for example. 

All the best,


answered Feb 19, 2019 by Isa
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