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Hello everybody, i have Duldung so is there anyway to open a bank account? and at which bank, so please help me guys
asked Oct 26, 2018 in Other Questions by Lothbrok

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Dear @Lothbrok, thank you for sharing your question with us here in the community. As for your question the best option woud be Sparkasse, they are opening for refugees accounts. However if they make problems you could try to get an account with western union. But the Sparkasse is familiar with the Duldung. I hope this can help you. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 27, 2018 by Nilab
selected Oct 28, 2018 by Lothbrok
Thank for you answer, actually i went to sparkasse they said you can't have an account with that duldung, but i did not try western union yet if they also saie no then what should i do what is the best way?
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