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I am from Bangladesh.I have completed my 12th grade from here.I want to study in Germnay.I have the permesso di soggiorno(ILIMITATA) and residence permit in Italy.So can I go direct to Germany with this document and stay here permanently?
asked Feb 4, 2019 in Legal advice by Hossain_Hasan

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Hello sir I don't know what excately you need but as long I know with the resident permit you already have in Italy you are capable of to come and stay in Germany but you need a reason for it and it can be study self employment or just employment if you have any job offer or you want to study then yes you can surely come and stay here but in Germany to move and live here you will be first required to have meldug ( address registration) and health insurance that's two important things which you must have before going to foreign office to apply for stay here but you must have a reason to stay before going to foreign office and that can be employment or study puropose . Before planning you journey you must speak with someone more to get some more information I hope someone else will guide you more 

Good luck 

answered Feb 4, 2019 by Musawvir
Brother.I want to study there.And I will do part time job besides my study.I know about health insurance...but can you tell me about meldug in details??And another question is,
What do I need to apply for residency in Germany and when should I apply?
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