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how can I live in German with my 2 years permit to stay in Italy if I already get my self a place to stay an wouldn’t relie on nothing from the government,I will be living with a girlfriend and how is it possible for me to get a permit to if I have to fine my self a job but I need permit to work...
asked Feb 24, 2019 in Legal advice by Susolamin

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Dear @Susolamin,

Thank you for you question and sorry you had to wait so long for an answer.

It sounds that you received humanitarian protection (Permesso per Motivi Umanitari) in Italy. With this status, you can travel to another Schengen country, including Germany, for up to 90 days, but are not allowed to work there.

The only way for you to have the right to work in Germany is if you receive a German residence permit. For  family reunification for example - if you were to marry to girlfriend.

I hope this helps - don't hesitate to add a comment if you need additional information!

All the best,


answered Apr 25, 2019 by Safia Advocate
edited Apr 25, 2019 by Safia Advocate
Go and apply for German working visa from German Embassy in Rome. It is as easy as pie.
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