I am studying in Italy and I have a residence permit from Italy. I want to work as a Working Student in Germany for at least 6 months and 20/h weekly. This is a student work position. Can I enter Germany with my residence permit from Italy and apply for a Residence Permit in Germany? Or should I have a visa first and then apply for a residence permit in Germany? I would like to know if I can work in a student job in Germany with my Italian Residence Permit.
asked Jun 7, 2023 in Work by meyercan | 829 views

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Hi @meyercan

If you have permanent EU residency in Italy (this is called ‘soggiornante di lungo period – CE o UE’), you can enter Germany and apply for a residence permit here.

If you have any other type of permit, you have to first get a visa from the German embassy in Italy.

It is not clear to me what you mean by coming to work as a working student to Germany. To work part-time as a student in Germany, you need to be studying here. Do you intend to continue your studies or do an exchange semester in Germany? Then you need to apply for a student visa from the embassy.

Here's the information from the website (in Italian) about the requirements for a study visa:




answered Jun 15, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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