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Hello all ,

 my name is Marco I am Non-EU national , I am doing my master in italy and I have my (study) permesso di soggiorno , now I have found a job in Germany which is full side 40 hour in one of my relative restaurants, and now I want to postpone my student and move to Germany and work there as he need me for the job , so my question here is , how can I change or transfer my Italian study  permesso di soggiorno, or my resident from italy to German work permit and I want to go there and continue my study in italy anymore ?  

Any help will be a great chance for me to don’t do any mistake , thanks in advance to all 

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience 

Best & Kind regards 


asked Nov 5, 2019 in Work by Marco008

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1 Answer

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It's not possible as non EU citizen. You need to have a shortage highly qualified job ( engineer, doctor,nurse, scientist, business professional, etc.) which offers at least 42k euro Brutto per year, only then you are able to get a German residence permit.
answered Nov 10, 2019 by helios
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