Hello all ,

 my name is Marco I am Non-EU national , I am doing my master in italy and I have my (study) permesso di soggiorno , now I have found a job in Germany which is full side 40 hour in one of my relative restaurants, and now I want to postpone my student and move to Germany and work there as he need me for the job , so my question here is , how can I change or transfer my Italian study  permesso di soggiorno, or my resident from italy to German work permit and I want to go there and continue my study in italy anymore ?  

Any help will be a great chance for me to don’t do any mistake , thanks in advance to all 

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience 

Best & Kind regards 


asked Nov 5, 2019 in Work by Marco008 | 2,099 views

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It's not possible as non EU citizen. You need to have a shortage highly qualified job ( engineer, doctor,nurse, scientist, business professional, etc.) which offers at least 42k euro Brutto per year, only then you are able to get a German residence permit.
answered Nov 10, 2019 by helios
Hi, i saw your reply here and i wanted to ask a question. I have almost a similar situation. I have finished my master degree studies in Italy and at the moment i have a Permesso di Soggiorno (atteza occupacione) recenlty i have found a job in Germany as an Architect with income above 43k. I am NON-EU citizen how can i get a German residence permit.

P.S i was rejected from the ausländerbehörde with the pretext that i have to go back in my country and apply for a Visa only than i could take the BLUE CARD.

I would be really thankful if you could help me.

All the Best:)
Some ABH officers don't know the rules. Or they don't care. "Going back to home and coming again" - this rule was abolished a long time ago.

Your company will send you an appointment letter, showing that to the German embassy, Roma you get the visa for three month. Submitting that visa to your German city ABH you get Blau-Karte. It's easy like this.

ABH - Ausländerbehörde
However i must go in Rome?? i cant do anything from Germany since i am here right?? i just wanted to double check this
as you are not an EU citizen, to get a German residences permit you need a German visa. That visa you can get from Italy or your country. From Italy, because you have a Italian residence permit, so you don't have to go back to your country to apply for the visa. Your Italian residence permit have to be valid for at least six month during the time of your visa application at the German Embassy.

So, long answer short. If you do not have a D-type German visa, you must get one. As you have Italian permesso di soggiorno, the only way you have in Europe  is to get it from Italy. So, yes you have to go to Rome.
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