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I am  asylum seeker i have six month permesso di soggiorno i live in italy 2 years i am from pakistan , marriy with Romanian girl in italy she is 26 years old we are the same age she is living in romania  how long I have to be wait for marriage What she need the dacuments in italy for marry me and what i need.. is that possible she send me her dacuments and i applied for marriage in registrar office and when they give me marriage date then she come and we get marriage and after she go back  romania because she have a work in romania she not have much time for holiday she can come on marriage date ... or i need italian residenza or is that possible she live in a hotel with me or we need a permanent address and how much money we need for marriage ?? Or i need any advocate for marriage?
after i apply romanian embassy a visa after marry i go romania i also applied my pakistani passport in pakistan embassy please tell me all the details i am too worried
asked May 18 in Legal advice by Mohsin
edited May 18 by Mohsin

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