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can a refugee no longer gets social benefits like monthly pay or medical etc from the government just because she’s pregnant for a german and they have done paternity and 50/50 documents considering she still lives in the camp?
asked Jan 18 in Legal advice by Grace

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Hey there @Grace,

Thank you for reaching out to us again and for using the platform so actively!

May I ask - have you already received a protection status/ residence title in Germany? This affects which place is responsible for your social benefits.

Regarding your question:

  • If you live with your partner (the father), living together might be treated as a "Bedarfsgemeinschaft" by the Jobcenter, which means your financial support (ALGII, which is what you receive having a residence title) may be lowered. That is because Jobcenter considers your partner to have an income that is used to finance the household
  • Being pregnant in general is/ should not be a reason for you to not get any social benefits, quite on the contrary: once your child is born, you can apply for "Kindergeld" which is 194€ a month (child benefits) and "Elterngeld" (parental benefits). 
Here is a thread from our platform where Thorgen answered a similar case: My salary doesn't support my kids and my girlfriend - are there governmental benefits?
And here is more information by the BAMF on child benefits:
I hope these sources help! Please feel free to reach out to us again if you need any further assistance :-)
Kind regards,
answered Jan 21 by Isa
Thank you for the reply,I have not yet been granted a resident permit and I’m still living in the camp but planing to move at my boyfriend house and we are not I don’t understand why the social wants him to pay back all the money I have been given since I’m in Germany and for him to be responsible for me while I thought his responsibility should be just for the child and not me please help me because I don’t understand the law
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