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Hello dear Wefugees community,

 As we spoke before about the residence permit in Germany, I have applied for it, I went to the immigration office in Kreis Rhein Neuss, and they took my passport and they gave me a letter to represent to the Bürgerbüro to get a "Meldebescheinigung" in Kaarst with my future wife and kid. When I got the address i went on the 14 back to Ausländerbehörde as I had a meeting "vorzusprechen"! They took the Meldebescheinigung and they asked me too many questions about me, and how I got to the country and so on ! It took 1 hour to finish the meeting, even though the meeting was in German language, I have shown them I got B1 Zertifikat,

 afterwards they gave me a "Verfäutige" of 12 days ! until I return again on the 23th and get the final answer about my situation! Even though they are going to send the meeting review about what we had on 14th to Central police office, to decide whether I have to stay and get a Duldung or to leave the country and back with a validé visa !

My lawyer said once I have the Duldung he can easly get me a residence permit after that  ! And hope will get something within these 12 days.

Also want to know can I get married with the Duldung or this Vorläufige which is valid until 23th of this month!

this is a related question to what i wrote on this message :
 please If you have any advice regarding to my situation, please note me down ! Thank you so much. Best regards
asked Jan 15, 2019 in Legal advice by latrache
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Hey again @latrache,

Thank you using our platform so actively and sorry for the wait!

How did everything go, have you received a Duldung? Has your lawyer started the process of getting you a residence permit? 

In order to get married in Germany, there are a few requirements that you need to fulfill. We have a very helpful guide on our Wefugees Blog here:

Please have a look at the article and check which steps you need to take to get married to your girlfriend. Your Duldung status may play a role, but it doesn't make it impossible to get married. Bear in mind that one of the core documents you will need is a valid passport

I hope this information helps. Since your lawyer is able to have a much closer look at your case than we are, I recommend reaching out to him about your options regarding your legal status or marriage (or working and receiving social benefits, as you explained on a different thread). 

Of course, you can also contact a legal aid service! Here is a list:

Kind regards,


answered Jan 28, 2019 by Isa
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