How to renew Italian humanitarian residence - Im married and living in different EU county - to deport me outside EU

Im non EU citizen, married EU citizen over 4 years ago. Moved from Italy to spouse's EU county. Until  summer 2015 I hade my Italian humanitarian document. After marriage with EU citizen,  my Italian city kept my Italian residence card and promised I will get it back when needed. After these 4 years normal family life, now my spouse's EU country is trying to deport me to outside EU area. We think this desicion is totally wrong, since I moved from Italy to this EU country. How can I renew my Italian document, when my spouse and permanent home is in this EU country? We are married and think this is illigal what is going on here.
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asked Jan 1, 2019 in Legal advice by Siri123 | 384 views
Dear @Siri123, Welcome to the Wefugees community! I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. May I ask in which country you live in that is trying to deport you? I'm not a lawyer, but what you are describing sounds odd. Have you applied for family reunion back then in order to move to your spouse's country? Has the country explained on what grounds they want to deport you? Best, Isa
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