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Thanks to you our adviser and supporters. My name is lucky I have my asylum procedure hear in Netherlands and is been complicated on Dublin procedure on which  I'm planning now to move back to Germany where I have my asylum before and it was rejected before on which without applying for an asylum withdrawal application but I gave back my paper to the social on status of duldug before I left is over 7 months now because I have no sufficients prove then but now I have my prove will I be referred back to Netherlands here or to my Dublin country Italy if I move back to Germany to take a new asylum? And what will be my status again on the procedure will I be entitled to that status if duldug again on the procedure level?
asked Dec 2 in Legal advice by Luckyright

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Dear @Luckyright, I can see that you have asked a similar question here: I've just linked our asylum law expert in the other thread and you will receive an answer there shortly :) Best, Isa
answered 5 days ago by Isa
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