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I was in Germany and my asylum was rejected which I was holding a status of duldung  because I disclosed my identities because of my sodomy act in my country of origin which I use another identity(name) without any prove to them and not tell the story of my sodomy act which I use another story of political to take an asylum without any prove then on which I redraw my asylum and left  to Netherlands here for an asylum facing a Dublin procedure planning to deport me to Italy my Dublin country which I don't want because of my the threat I have there now I'm planning to return back to Germany to retake asylum again and tell my real identities with prove and my sodomy act with the evidence will be accepted for the retake of the asylum procedure and the duldung status I was holding before the I redraw my asylum will that be staked to my status again? For the retake of my asylum procedure? Please I need an advise thanks so much my regards
asked Dec 1, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Luckyright
Dear @Luckyright, Thank you for reaching out to us and being part of our community! I'm going to link our asylum law expert @Nilab for this case, she will get back to you shortly with some more information. All the best, Isa
I have a problem at my Court case. So my lawyer second lawyer decided to cancel it. I want to know if I can re appeal again

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