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I was an asylum seeker in Germany since 22014.But this year October i got married with my turkish girlfriend born here in Germany. She hold unlimited permanent stay in Germany. We got married in italy
Because to marry in Germany takes a lot of time. We went to The standasamt at her city. To register the marriage .standasamt ask me for my passport. Birth certificate and certificate of non impediment and my primary school certificate which i gave them all despite that am married already. They told me that the passport will be send to Auslanderbehörde that will get it back when my assyl is finish. Am working 8 hours with net income of 2100 euro and my Wife is working 4 hours job.i was rejected by bamf 2017 but i appealed since then hv not had a court interview. Although have giving all the marriage document to my lawyer for her to do the needful. .  Last week was giving a direct working permit from auslanderbehòrde and at my auweiss the x symbol was remove. I have applied to the government of schwaben that will want to live with my wife but was told that all the documents have been sent to the government of oberfalz that they are waiting for their reply . My questions are This .Why does standasamt need all the documents despite am married .will they ask me to return and come back with visa although they told me that they have to check all that for the authentic and will get back to me and i paid 665 euro. Pls i need and urgent answer
asked Nov 24, 2018 in Legal advice by Nwa d

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Dear @Nwa d, 

Thank you for sharing yor situation with us in the community. 

As for your questions: 

In order your marriage in Italy to be approved (in Germany)according to the German Embassy the following applies: 

"Eine Ehe, die im Ausland geschlossen wurde, kann auf Antrag nach § 34 Personenstandsgesetz (PStG) im Eheregister eines deutschen Standesamtes beurkundet werden. (Seit Änderung des PStG, in Kraft getreten am 01.01.2009, wird das bisherige Familienbuch in Deutschland durch das sogenannte Eheregister ersetzt.) Für die Eintragung ist das Standesamt des Wohnsitzes eines Ehegatten im Inland oder des ständigen Aufenthalts zuständig. Besteht weder ein Wohnsitz noch ein ständiger Aufenthalt eines Ehegatten in Deutschland, ist das Standesamt I in Berlin zuständig. Bei Deutschen mit Wohnsitz in Italien kann der Antrag auf Beurkundung bei den Auslandsvertretungen aufgenommen werden. 

Der deutsche Ehegatte muss dafür persönlich vorsprechen und folgende Dokumente vorlegen:

  • Nachweis der Eheschließung
  • Nachweis zur Abstammung
  • Nachweis der Staatsangehörigkeit der Ehegatten.

Für die Beurkundung beim zuständigen Standesamt in Deutschland werden von diesem nach den jeweiligen Landesvorschriften Gebühren erhoben."

This can take a while, and it costs depending on the  Bundesland differently. Once you have done all this you to wait for the response of the Amt. But if you want to ask them for the duration the best way would be for your wife to write a letter to the authorities in Oberpfalz(as they are deciding) explaning the situation and asking for a response within a  given time. 

As you have still the Wohnsitzauflage you have apply to move in with your wife at the Lageso/Sozialamt if in the same City if it is a different coty then you need the approval of the Ausländerbehörde/Landratsamt. 

I hope this could assist you both, if further questions arise, please feel free to reach out to the community. 

Best regards, 


answered Nov 26, 2018 by Nilab
Thanks so much for your answere but do i still have to wait for the paper's to return before moving in to live with her
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