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Good day every one,please i have a very vital questions to ask,I and my family are living here in Germany as asylum seekers,I have 2 children,and the last one was not born when we apply for asylum,and our asylum was rejected,3 of us then,I,my wife and daughter.So after my wife gave birth to our last child Bundesamt ask us to seek asylum for him of which we did and it also came out Negative,and we did appeal.,almost a year now we did not hear from them,But last week we receive a letter from the court that my son case will be decided by only one Judge in the court,and today now we receive the same letter that we should come to the court for hearing on the 15th of December this year .I did a deportation ban for my daughter because of circumcision in my Country and she was granted a positive resident permit of 1 year this year,my question 1,will the positive of my daughter also cover my Son?,secondly when I tell the judge my daughter already have positive decision from Bundesamt will it help?,and thirdly can you please give me any relevant advice on what to say in the court?,I will be glad to hear from you again.Thanks in advance
asked Nov 6, 2018 in Legal advice by Eddy

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Dear @Eddy, thank you for your active contribution in the community and I am gald you got an hearing now at the court. As for your questions: 1. If the status of your daughter is applied to you as a father then it covers all siblings who are under the age of 18, 2. Yes, and you should take the Bescheid with you, but if you have a layer he/she will tell you what to say and what to take with you; 3. Here we cant tell you what to say as we do not know your case and all its facts, please make sure you have an lawyer who can answer this question. I hope we could assist you, if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 9, 2018 by Nilab
Thank you for the accurate answer Nilab,They gave only our daughter the positive decision by Bamf,and I and my wife are still using Duldung as our status.i was thinking maybe they can automatically give my son as well because he was born here and he's also just 1 year and 10 months old?
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