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Hi wefugees,

I need a quick reply regarding my asylum case . My asylum was rejected last year and I received one week for appeal but I did appeal against the decision later because first I have send the documents to wrong address.

Last week I send my medically reports to the court and also disability Ausweis but today I received a letter and in the letter stated that my asylum is denied with out having any hiring in the court for which I have waited for one year .

I am severe heart patient and having all medically report with me and I also send the medical reports to the court but they mention that I have appeal late against the decision .

Please tell me what should I do in this case I have already started Dual Studium .

My question is how can I get an appointment with judge and further they didn’t me mention any date that I can leave Germany.

I am in stress and don’t know what to do in this case . Kindly help me .

Kind regards
asked Oct 26, 2018 in Legal advice by Khan

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Good day Khan,about your question about being you a heart patient I have a friend of mine that has similar case and did a deportation ban in Bamf,and it get a positive decision by Bundesamt with 1 year resident permit.I quiet know someone with heart problem in Germany are entitle of asylum.and I think Bundesamt end your asylum because you were unable to appeal during the dead line day,what I suggest for you to do is to find someone that can write in Germany to seek for deportation obstacle for you to get national deportation ban,with this you are entitle a 1 year resident permit called Aufenthalstitel. I hope this help you.
answered Oct 26, 2018 by Eddy
selected Oct 26, 2018 by Khan
Thank you so much for your answer . Actually it seems funny to me that they have made decision with out inviting me for my second interview in court .

It’s true I appealed against the decision late but I have send all my medically reports to them that I  severe heart patient and also my 50%disability Ausweis .

But they didn’t consider it . Now I am confuse what to do in this case as they only told me that your asylum is denied but they didn’t give me any deadline to leave Germany or appeal against the decision. I am confuse what to do now as after my appeal a lawyer told me wait for hiring in the court but they have send me negative reply with out inviting me in the court .
I think the best thing to do now is to seek for the deportation obstacle,and I'm sure you will receive a positive respond because of the 50% disability ausweis and the heart problem,you can do it your self without a lawyer,and you must also back it up with all your medical should be in written to Bundesamt.              Best regard
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