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I am a citizen of Pakistan.

I arrived in Poland on a short stay visit visa and then applied for a resident permit based on study. However, this permit is taking a long time as I have been waiting a year. My fiance is an Estonian citizen and we wish to get married and live in Estonia. I need a resident permit or another Schengen visa to go to Estonia. Schengen visas can only be issued outside of Europe.

I have 4 options:

1. Stay in Poland and wait for my resident permit to be granted and then travel to Estonia and marry there
2. Leave Poland and go back to my country and apply for a short stay Schengen visa at the Estonia consulate (this is very risky option as you never know if the visa will be granted)
3. Invite my fiance to come to Poland and marry here, this is tricky because sometimes Polish authorities ask both persons to have residency rights in Poland, and at the moment none of us have residency permits in Poland
4. Marry in a third country outside of EU where she can easily travel (Georgia or Turkish-Cyprus) and then use the marriage certificate to apply for a long stay D visa

Which option is the best and safest? Keep in mind that Estonia visa is not guaranteed if I leave the EU.
asked Oct 15, 2018 in Legal advice by sijazme

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Dear @sijazme

thank you for your question. 

As for your question in regards of getting married in Polen and what is needed I found out the following: 

You have to submit a number of documents: a proof of identity (e.g. a valid passport), a certificate of birth (translated into Polish), a certificate of no impediment and (if necessary) certificates that prove that previous marriages have been divorced etc. The Registry Office will guide you through the procedure from there on.

For extensive information about marriage in Poland please check out this website:

As for the options you have oulined it seems to me that option 1 and 3 are the best ones in your particular case. 

I hope we could help you, if you have further question please let us know. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 16, 2018 by Nilab
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