My name is wasi. I have 1 year German aufenthaltitle base on marriage. My wife has unlimited German Permit before she also had refugee 3 years permit. And before marriage i had 1 year italian subsedry protection then we got married in denmark and after that my wife did job until my German Resident permit. Then i got 1 year german permit and working fulltime since. Now i want to travel to my country Pakistan. My question is can i travel to pakistan on my German Aufenthalt which i got on marriage basis with my pakistani passport.?please i will apreciate any answer.thanks alot.
asked Aug 26, 2018 in Legal advice by Wasi | 1,818 views
I got Aufenthalt from Ausländerbehörder immidiadtely after marriage in Denmark. I didnt got it from Italy.

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Hi Wasi since you already got your Pakistani Passport along with the the German aufenstaltstitel you can travel legally to Pakistan without any problem. I'm also in similar situations i have 5 years Refugee Residence Permit in Italy.i and my fiancee also got married in Denmark last 2 month. I recently applied for my German aufenstaltstitel About 4 days ago here in Germany. I didn't use my Refugee Travel Document for the Application of the aufenstaltstitel. i used my Country's Passport mainly because i need to prove my Nationality, It's not written on the Refugee Travel Document. If i successfully get the Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) at the Ausländer Behörde then i can travel successfully to Nigeria and come back to Germany without any problem.
You won't have any problem as long as you use the German aufenstaltstitel along with your Pakistani Passport.
Good luck and i wish you all the best
answered Sep 6, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
Thank alot Nelly. Its cleared now. Ausländerbehörde is getting strict and strict specially about marriages. I got my aufenthalttitle in 1 month because my wife was doing full time job. Wishing you all the best. If you need any info can comment anytime.
And one more question. Did you showed them your italian 5 years resident permit? Because that make it easy for you to get easily aufenthalt.
Yes i showed them the Italian 5 years Residence Permits. How long did it took them to answer you when you applied for the Residence Permits?
Did your wife is doing full time job? If she is doing so then it will take just 1 month and if she is on social help then this process will take 4 to 6 months are more.
Hello Nelly, l'm Asylum in Germany but married to a German. Waiting for my Aufenthaltserlaubnis for the past two months and a week. I asked (Ausländerbehörde) why is the delayed? They said they are waiting for the criminal police clearance. Until they approve it... what should l do? Thanks
@Emmytender Normally it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get the Führungszeugnis. It's usually issued by the the Bürgeramt in your City, town or village. You should try to contact them and find out why they are delaying in Issuing your Führungszeugnis
Hi @Wasi did you applied for the Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) with your italian Subsidiary protection Passport or was it with your Pakistani Passport?
Hi Nelly. I applied with my pakistani passport.
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Dear Wasi,
As you have already auf Pakistani Passport-it Indicates that you have not poltical asylum. In this case you are legally allowed to travel to your home contry. But if you have indicated in your case that you can not travel to Pakistan, I would ask your Sachbearbeiter*in at the Ausländerbehörde.

I hope that could help you.

Best regards,
answered Sep 4, 2018 by Nilab
Yes i didnt ask asylem in Germany. I was refugee in italy with 1 year protection status. But i think so that Germany gave me family base aufenthalt. Normally it should not be a problem.
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